Argus is an image/video recording system for people who need to record images and other data for various purposes like for example building databases for deep learning. It can be specified in different ways depending on the requirements :

  • Cameras : the system can accomodate different types and various numbers of cameras, for example : Imperx, FLIR, stereo cameras like the Tara from E-Con Systems or the Zed from Stereolabs. 
  • Data acquisition software : it runs in C++ and can read images using the Pleora SDK, udev compatible cameras or the Spinnaker SDK from FLIR.
  • Additional sensors : different types of sensors can be specified, for example GPS, IMUs, LIDAR.
  • Control : the system can be controlled via a touchscreen or a keyboard, it can also operate independently starting to record images and data by motion detection or external trigger.
  • Real time processing : the system runs on a PC whose specification depends on the number of cameras and the real time processing power needed. If the customers wants to run some image recognition algorithms in real time then the PC needs to be more powerful than for the acquisition of images from a single small sensor camera.
  • Power supply : the system runs on a battery or an external power supply (for example from the robot on which it is installed).
  • Data storage : The data from the images and the additional transducers is stored on an external or internal hard disk, either as individual images or videos.


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