ZANSHIN – Ammunition impacts coordinates measurement

ZANSHIN is an innovative product that uses computer vision technology to measure the coordinates of impact points on a target. It has been designed for engineers and technicians doing the testing for the defence and security forces weapons.

ZANSHIN on needs a single camera and good lighting conditions. It works with all kinds of weapons from individual weapons to machine guns and weapons used on land vehicles, aircraft, helicopters or warships.

The technology behind ZANSHIN uses computer vision algorithms, the technical characteristics of the camera are chosen to ensure that the focal length of the optics, the number of pixels and the frequency of the image acquisition process are suited to the type of weapons tested.

With ZANSHIN the test engineers do not have to do the measurement by hand on the paper target anymore, and the results are objectively calculated.

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Find out what Zanshin brings to the testing of individual weapons and small caliber guns 


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