SDK integration

Having worked on various computer vision projects using different types of industrial cameras, Myakiatto has learnt that integrating the SDK (Software Development Kit)of any camera to create a custom made piece of software can be difficult.

There are various reasons for this : the examples that are supplied as part of the SDK are not always easy to understand or integrate with other pieces of code, sometimes the compatibility between those examples and other libraries like OpenCV is not well designed … etc.

SDK INTEGRATION gives you the ability to use pre-written code to develop your application. An image viewer developed in C++ under the Qt Creator environment will give you the following functionalities : real time extraction of images from the camera, conversion to OpenCV format and display. Controlled via a simple graphics interface.

SDK INTEGRATION is available for the following cameras : FLIR, Vimba (Allied Signal cameras) and Hikvision, and also for the udev standard used pour in most webcams.

Technical description



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