MYAKIATTO is a French company specialising in innovative products using computer vision technology to measure physical parameters like distances, angles, velocities for the testing of:

- Integrated systems like for example driver assistance systems (ADAS) for the car industry.

- Guns or machine guns for security for security or armed forces.

These products measure physical parameters using computer vision(*)

MYAKIATTO offers three product ranges using computer to measure distances, velocities and angles or just record data:

- SPHIRNA: a range of products to evaluate and test ADAS systems (collision avoidance, lane departure warning … etc.)
- ZANSHIN: a measurement system to assess the accuracy and impact dispersion for any low to medium calibre gun.
- ARGUS: a custom made acquisition system that records images and data from IMUs, GPS, LIDAR according to your specification.

- SDK INTEGRATION: already validated software for existing industrial cameras that will allow you to develop your own computer vision application from already validated code using the manufacturer's SDK. 


Company presentation

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 55T rue Pablo Picasso

63000 Clermont Ferrand