MYAKIATTO Consulting – Custom made measurement solutions

Myakiatto makes its expertise available to develop custom made measurement systems, we can:

Adapt our existing systems to your specific requirements.

Design and develop specialised measurement systems specially for your company.

Whatever your requirement, whether it is to measure distances, angles, velocities, accelerations, positions, please contact us. We will evaluate and discuss your requirements and offer the best possible solution that satisfies you.

You have a measurement project?

Contact us, we will design and develop the right solution for you !

A bilingual team with skills in testing and computer vision that will take car of your project:

Real time C++ software.

Vision algorithms programming and optimisation.

Knowledge of camera drivers (Pleora, CMU 1394 …) and cameras (Imperx, Zed, IDS partner).

Expertise in the testing world: we are familiar with the constraints and problems that test engineers face on a daily basis and we can integrate those in the design of any measurement system.



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