SPHIRNA’s advantages

Designed for ADAS systems testing in real life conditions. The production system can be evaluated in the way the end customer is going to use it.

Measures the longitudinal and lateral distances, the velocities between the instrumented vehicle and other vehicles, white lanes … etc.

Quick and easy installation: no need to instrument the targets , no complex software setup. Installation on a standard roof rack (front bar) on any car.

Reliable and accurate measurements: accuracy better than 1% of the measured distance in normal conditions. Data acquisition frequency 39Hz, output via CAN to any data acquisition system.

Possibility to change the optics to have a different measurement range.

A cost efficient solution to the problem of evaluating ADAS systems.




Support and updates for Sphirna

1 or 2 years warranty depending on the customer’s choice.

At the end of the warranty period the customer can choose to have a support contract including:

               - A hotline (phone or email) with the answer guaranteed in less than 24 hours.

               - Software upgrades on a regular basis.

Why testing ADAS systems in real life conditions with Sphirna?





Driver assistance systems improve the safety of drivers and their passenger by compensating for the lack of attention that may happen in some circumstances.

By using various types of sensors (radars, cameras …) they can detect in real life various kinds of obstacles et react rapidly to an emergency.

Those systems need therefore to be tested and optimised in the conditions in which the final customer will use them : on the road, on the motorways, inside tunnels , downtown and in city centres

Until now doing this kind of testing was very difficult or costly, even impossible in some cases.

SPHIRNA changes all this. The test engineers in the automotive industry now have a simple and cost effective answer to their testing requirements for the evaluation of ADAS systems in real life conditions.



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